AQUASMITH Offers a Full-service Spearfishing lessons in Saipan

TEL. 1-670-233-5055

PMB704, P.O.Box10000, Saipan MP 96950-8900


◎Skindiving lessons

Grotto or Beach skindiving
This is for for the person that would like to start/just try skindiving or spearfishing
Boat Skindiving
This is for the people who would like to dive at new places or who would want to challenge them selves to get better.

◎Spearfishing lessons

Introductory Spearfishing(Half day)
For first timers, we will take you to your comfortable depth. 12 ft and below. Families are welcome to join together. Children must be over the age of 10..

*For the experienced divers who can dive deeper than 30ft

Beach Outer-reef(Half day)
This lesson is For the people who can dive 30 ft or deeper. If you have taken our Grotto or Beach skindive. Then you can join this lesson even if you cant dive 30 feet.
Beach Outer-reef(1 Full day)
This class allows more time to improve your diving skills as well as your fishing technique.
Boat Outer-reef(Half day) 
This is a afternoon spearfishing lesson at your chosen location. Spearfishing in boat spots are much easier to catch the fish.
◎Package lessons

Grotto Skindiving + Spearfishing
1st day skindiving at Grotto, 2nd day spearfishing Lau Lau.
Spearfishing Package
For the more experience diver. This is a package that allows you to choose the amount of days spearfishing. Also you get to choose weather you want to go on a boat or just at a beach. This is a good way to test your skill level or to improve it.
◎Snorkeling lessons
Please let us know your experience to select the spots which suit your level and request.


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PMB704, P.O.Box10000, Saipan MP 96950-8900

TEL 1-670-233-5055

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