Aquasmith is a full service dive shop located in Garapan, Saipan. We have been doing business in Saipan since 1999. Since we are a small, privately-owned dive center, we pride ourselves on great customer service. We offer a wide selection of fun dive packages and offer certification for all levels of divers from the PADI Discover Scuba Diving course all the way up to the PADI Divemaster course.

Aquasmith is also locally known for spear fishing courses. We are one of the first and only shops on island to actively promote this fascinating, traditional sport. Please ask us if you are interested in learning to spearfish or simply want someone to show you the best local sites!

If you visit our shop, you can find a wide variety of free diving, spear fishing, and scuba diving equipment available for sale.E Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to help you select a course or equipment that best suits your needs.


Richard's blog

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Richard is a great scuba instructor who has a level of professionalism and expertise that is sure to make your dive course a rewarding experience. He offers complete and detailed explanations of the skills and equipment needed for scuba diving. His laid-back yet attentive personality makes him a very approachable and fun instructor. You are sure to be shown some of the best-kept secrets of Saipan's seas.

When not diving, you can find Richard either training for or competing in one of Saipan's many sporting events. Just recently he was a member and coach of the first-place winning Saipan Outrigger Canoe Club men's crew in the 2007, 2008 and 2009 Micronesian Cup. Congratulations!

'06 EXTERRA<Saipan Tribune>
'06 1st Annual Tinian Crossing<Saipan Tribune>
'06 Micronesian Cup<Saipan Tribune>

'06 2nd Annual Ocean Swim<Saipan Tribune>
'07 2nd Annual Tinian Crossing<Saipan Tribune>
'07 Micronesian Cup<Saipan Tribune>
'08 3rd Annual Tinian Crossing<Saipan Tribune>
PADI Divemaster
USCG Captain

Kompek the Harmless Gentle Giant, has been a Dive Master now for almost 8 years in Saipan. He loves the water and treats every dive like his first. He is still excited everytime he gets in the water. If you want a nice safe, fun and relaxing dive this is your Man.

For out of the water fun Kompek and Pato sometimes have local BBQ gathering that is just tons of fun. He and Pato are a good combination in somewhat of a magic show. It is very entertaining and funny.If you are having a hard time opening your beer this guy can bite off the whole top portion of your can. Please don't give a solid can because it is hard for him. Please don't hesitate to ask him for BBQ arrangements.

Spearfishing Instructor
2006 MICRO GAME(Saipan) Gold medalist
2010 MICRO GAME(Palau) CNMI representative
2010 Saipan Spearfishing Champion

Felix teaches our English Skindiving / Spearfishing courses and there is a lot to learn from a championfs mentality and skill. He has represented the Saipan for Micronesian Olympics in Tahiti (2002), Saipan (2006) and Palau(2010). During the 2006 Micro Games Felix took home the gold medal in both the individual and team categories.

Born and raised on Saipan, Felix has over 30 years of spearfishing experience and is known on island for his exceptional skills. Anything youfve always wanted to know about spearfishing? Just ask him.


Local knowledge is key when finding the right spot to fish and Felix knows them all. It is almost guaranteed you will bring back a fresh fish you can have prepared by one of our local restaurants.  

-Spearfishing course

'07 Saipan Spearifishing Tournament Results<Saipan Tribune>
'07 Guam Spearfishing Tournament Results<Saipan Tribune>
'08 Saipan Spearfishing Tournament Results<Saipan Tribune>
'08 Guam Spearfishing Tournament Results<Saipan Tribune>
09 Guam Spearfishing Tournament Results<Marianas Variety>


USCG Captain

Manny is also born and raised here on the beautiful island of Saipan. He is one of our boat captains for this company. He grew up with a family that loves the ocean and are also known for good fishing skills.

Morito's blog

Number of certified divers:1812(as of July,'10)
First Asian shark feeder('04 Grand Bahamas)
2010 MICRO GAME(Palau) CNMI representative

2010 Saipan Spearfishing Champion

Morito Asai has an extensive background in scuba diving. He received his Divemaster certification over 17 years ago and became a Master Instructor in 1998. Diving has taken him to some of the world's best diving destinations including the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, New Caledonia and the Bahamas.

He is also an avid spearfisher and president of MASC - the Marianas Apnea Spearfishing Club. His varied dive interests and lengthy experience combine to ensure you a great time while diving - no matter what your skill level or interests may be.

'07 CNMI's first-ever spearfishing tournament<Saipan Tribune>
'08 Saipan 2nd Annual Spearfishing Tournament<Saipan Tribune>
'08 Thank Sponsors<Saipan tribune>
'08 Got Mamulan?<Saipan Tribune>
08' Sasamoto, Asai catch heaviest rudder fish in Guam
09' 3rd Annual Saipan Spearfishing Tournament<Saipan Tribune>

10' Micro Games qualifier<Saipan Tribune>
10' 4th Annual Saipan Spearfishing Tournament<Marianas Variety>

-CUC Agigan Sewage Project
-PTI/NTT Underwater Telephone Cable Project

Dive shop located right across from the DFS Bus terminal(2F).
Tel: +1(670)233-5055
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