We are proud to offer the first and only organized Skin diving lessons / Spearfishing Course /Tour on Saipan.
Great visibility and year-round warm temperatures make Saipan one of the good
locations for spearfishing.
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  Inner-reef Course...$125  
This is a great course for those who have never tried spearfishing or for those who are
beginners not yet comfortable in deeper water. You will use and learn all of the equipment. You will also practice aiming and shooting at fish in waters shallow enough to stand in.

  Outer-reef Course...$150 / 1 Day Course...$250  
This is a good course for the more advanced snorkeler or free diver because it takes
you to some deeper waters found outside of the reef.
You can keep only what you like or you can keep all of the fish you catch! There are
some local restaurants here, Umi-bozu, Furusato and Kinpachi Restaurant, that will
prepare your fresh catch for you!

Our rental equipment is the same equipment used by world-renowned spear fishers
and free divers. We have Comanche spear guns by Cressi-sub and long fins. We use top of the line brands of equipment for all of our spearfishing
courses and outings. Our rental packages are included in the price of your course and
consist of a wetsuit and everything else you need to have an enjoyable day of fishing.
  Boat-Chartered Course...Price vary  
This course is recommended for advanced spearfishers only because it takes you to
the back of the island of Saipan. Though this area is known for rougher surf and strong
currents, the spearfishing sites are pristine and mostly untouched.

  Inner-reef/Outer-reef Snorkeling Course...$75/$95  

This is a great course for anyone who is interested in snorkeling/skin diving at dive sites where you can see eagle rays and sometimes even sea turtles.

Unlike most snorkeling tours, you can also learn the basics of free diving and experience the pleasure and freedom of diving without scuba.

Dive shop located right across from the DFS Bus terminal(2F).
 AQUASMITH store

Located on M2M bldg, Garapan Road, Garapan. Just a minute walk from DFS Bus terminal.

We carry, O.ME.R, Riffe,Cressi-sub,Spora-sub,Rob Allen,etc.

- The use of a scuba unit while spearfishing is strictly prohibited in the CNMI.
- We cannot offer courses to certain popularly requested areas as they are marine
conservation areas and any fishing is strictly prohibited. These areas include the Grotto,
Bird Island, Managaha Island, and other sites that are restricted to access by boat.
- We practice sustainable fishing habits by catching only fish that are suitable for eating or
selling to vendors. This means that we only intentionally aim at and intend to catch fish of
a certain kind and size.
- For your own safety, please listen carefully to and follow all quidelines and suggestions
given to you by your Aquasmith course quide.
When contacting us or making reservations, please include the following information:
- Name
- Hotel
- Number of people in your group
- Desired course and dates
Any questions? email us!

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